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Beast Hunters: Night Shadow Bumblebee

As with Vertebreak that we looked at last time, Night Shadow Bumblebee is a direct repaint of the first version that came out in the Beast Hunters line.   I have to say, again, the repaint is really well done.   I think the gold and black play so well together.   The blue/silver color works well too.   Bee definitely looks like he is going to do some night hunting for Predacons.

You can’t load a vehicle up with much more weaponry than Bee is carrying.   That is a whole mess of stuff on there.


In all, a good figure for the collectors of all things Bumblebee.  He has a great different look, but he is still Bee.   You will probably be able to skip him if you already have the yellow version.  This is a direct repaint.   I am happy to say that my Bee has a little better transformation around the head.  My previous Bee’s head would not fold back to lay on his shoulders, and he had a bit of a floating head thing going on.   I think the one of the gears was one tooth off, and did not let the head fold all the way back.  This one worked much better.


I am starting to run out of Transformers here.  Hopefully we will get the next wave of the new Generations figures soon.  Come on Hasbro!!

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