Daily Archives: December 12, 2013

Beast Hunters: Vertebreak

Vertebreak is a repaint of the earlier released Lazerback.  This is one of the cases where a repaint is better than the original.  The tiger stripes and color scheme are right on!  I love the silver accents on his beak and tail.

He is lookin’ hard core with his stripes.  I have to say, his name is a little more hard core too.  Vertebreak.   As is breaking your vertebra, as in break your back!  Come on, what Decepticon does not want to have a name that sounds like inflicting painful, permanent harm on an Autobot?

It is guys like this that make me wish there were more Beasts in the work.  There were quite a few that were pretty bad, but this guy is GOOD!

These two look like a couple of Hell Hounds ready to do anything that Predaking asks of them.

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