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Beast Hunters: Knock Out

Boy am I surprised by this Knock Out.  I have two of the first versions of this guy (regular ver., and Dark Energon ver.), and I was not really expecting a whole lot from this one.   Turns out, I like him better than the first version.   He has great colors going on, with a little nod to his original dark red color.   He still looks like himself, but with a bit of a Beast flair.

He comes with a much better weapon than he did before.   This one is a blaster when it is one way.  The handle comes off to reveal a chain and a biting gimmick that works well.

Seamless integration of the weapon to the figure?  Yup, and it looks good.   It beefs him up a bit on the upper body, and it works.

Transform him into vehicle mode, and you get a much stronger sense of the beast look.  He has some vents on the hood, and a really cool side intake along the door.   Give him a vicious looking face in the front, and some scale/fins in the back.  If you know anything about Knock Out, you know he loves his paint job.   He would not allow just any changes to his car’s body and paint.

I don’t really know if I am going along with this “weapon as a tail” thing, but I am impressed with the seamless design.  It fits back there nice and tight.  Mount it on the roof, or hang if off the back.  A few different choices for this guy.


Overall, this is a great Deluxe figure.   He looks good, transforms well, and fits well into the last style changes of making the main characters into Beast Hunters.

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