Cliffjumper – First Edition

Finally, I have my last First Edition figure.   The Prime figures seem to be such a finicky line.  There were figures we could only get at Toys R Us, only at Target, Some we could never find, and some, like this guy, that I finally found after the show is over.

I was at a Toys R Us last weekend, and there was a shelf full of First Edition Bumblebees.  There must have been 30 or so on the shelf.   I cannot figure out what Toys R Us is doing here.   I doubt they would get that many people coming in to find the one figure that they are holding in abundance.

Thankfully, I was able to find the one.  I had the second version of Cliffjumper as well as Terrorcon Cliffjumper.

I really like both figures, but I knew from Terrorcon that I would really like the First Edition it was based on.

He is a well done figure.  His vehicle mode is a solid muscle car.  He really shines in robot mode.   All of his lines are nice and sharp.  All of his colors match well.   He has the strong shoulders and forearms that he had in the show.

And of course there are the flip-around guns.   The Terrorcon version also had the same guns, but they didn’t really look right on a zombie, so they were a bit pointless.  Here though, they are darn cool.

If you haven’t gotten this version of Cliffjumper, go get him… if you can find him.    Prime is over, and we will see a fade of these figures as we move forward.  I still haven’t heard what is coming next.  Only time will tell.


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