Halo 4 – Master Chief and Spartan Scout (Series 2)

I was browsing my local Walgreens while I was waiting for my flu shot.  I came across strangely small, skinny packaging for Halo figures.  It looks like Series 2 is on a much smaller card than Series 1, which was pretty much the same size as all of the previous Halo figure cards.  The better news was they were on sale for $4 off.  I picked up the Spartan Scout out of the two that were available there at that store.   Later in the week I traveled to another Walgreeens that is about equal distance in the other direction (less than 2 miles), and I found the Master Chief.  I realized I had 20 Halo figures from earlier editions, but I never got the Master Chief.  Now I have never played the game, but the figures are cool enough to hold their own.  I did see the movie that came out a little while ago, and the Master Chief was Bad@$$!   I knew he was a must have figure.  This is the one.

The two figures are amazingly well articulated, as we have come to expect.   They have so much detail packed into those small bodies, and 27 points of articulation.   Master Chief comes with a railgun, while Scout comes with a Sticky Detonator Weapon.   I am kind of leaning toward Master Chief for the win on this one.  The Rail gun is a good rifle.  The sticky gun is okay, but it just looks like a pistol.

Master Chief also comes with a Cortana Micro-Ops figure.  She comes on a disk, but the center comes out so Master Chief can hold her in his hand.  Nice touch there.

As always, the figures are great.  They are a lot of fun to play with and pose.   They stand really well, and take almost any position you put them in. They also come with some special codes to change the skins on your game figures or weapons.  Since I have never played the game, I don’t have a need for the codes, but they are a nice touch to get the gamers to buy the toys too.

As always, more pictures on my Flickr Page.  These were too fun to do a standard photo shoot.  They were a lot of fun to play with.


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