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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Ninjas in Training

is there anything cuter than little ninjas?   Nope, I don’t think so.  These guys are fantastic, small versions of their well known Teenage counterparts.   Each character comes with their standard weapons, but in wooden form.   They all have a ball joint at the neck.  They twist at the waist.  They have shoulder movement as well.   I was not sure I was going to dig these guys, but that shoulder motion really put them over the top for me.

They look so good compared to their Teenage selves.  I really, really like the little wooden weapons.  They are so cute.    I was a little worried about the legs not having any articulation, but with each set of legs having a different pose, there is more than enough movement in the rest of the body.

Yup, cute and cool, all at the same time.  Good movement, well designed, and tiny weapons.   AND, you get two in one pack, so half price for a half pint.  Works for me.


Sill Plain – 1/8 – Rance VI ver. – Kotobukiya

Today, a quick look at Sill Plain.  A figure from an Anime game series Rance, that I have never seen, but the figure was calling to me.  There is something about the curly hair being blown up, along with the flowing cape.  I was in!

The sculpt is fantastic, as we always expect from Kotobukiya.   The paint is amazing.   All of the white, and the pink hair has a pearl tint to it that gives an extra something.  She is a bit on the small side compared to many of the other Koto figures I have, but with the flowing cape and look, if she was larger, she would take up a lot of room.  In all, a great figure.

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