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Shining Blade – Sakuya – 1/6 (Kotobukiya)

Sakuya is quite a girl.  Okay, I really know nothing about her.  She is another character from a video game, and I was drawn to her by her fabulous outfit, and the giant sword that is the size of her body.

She is a slender figure with a great body.  She is accentuated by a great dress, and an amazing pair of pony tails that coil at the end.   There is a lot going on in this figure.  I am glad she is 1/6th scale to make sure all of the details are there.  This figure is definitely driven by the sword and the base.   The flames of the base make for a great base unlike any other in my collection.  Not just another plastic disk.   The sword, with it’s giant size still looks like it could somehow be wielded by this petite creature.   I think it may be due to the transparent appearance of the center part of the sword.

She has a happy appearance on her face.  I didn’t expect this from a girl standing in a fire wielding a giant sword, but whatever floats her boat.

In case one is so inclined, the underskirt can be removed to show a little more leg and cheek.  I am not really sure why there was so much trouble to allow the viewer to remove the small piece of clothing.  It could be due to the way the figure is built, and it is actually just the way she is assembled.  With the way Kotobukiya takes care in packaging, she has to come all apart to get all of the plastic from between parts that could rub together anyway.

In all, a great figure.   She is standing tall (quite literally, in the 1/6th scale) on display in my collection.  She is very bright and noticeable every time I go in the room.   I have seen a lot of people use her sword for other figures as well, since it is a separate piece.  Pretty versatile there, but she looks weird not holding anything at all.


Halo 4 – Master Chief and Spartan Scout (Series 2)

I was browsing my local Walgreens while I was waiting for my flu shot.  I came across strangely small, skinny packaging for Halo figures.  It looks like Series 2 is on a much smaller card than Series 1, which was pretty much the same size as all of the previous Halo figure cards.  The better news was they were on sale for $4 off.  I picked up the Spartan Scout out of the two that were available there at that store.   Later in the week I traveled to another Walgreeens that is about equal distance in the other direction (less than 2 miles), and I found the Master Chief.  I realized I had 20 Halo figures from earlier editions, but I never got the Master Chief.  Now I have never played the game, but the figures are cool enough to hold their own.  I did see the movie that came out a little while ago, and the Master Chief was Bad@$$!   I knew he was a must have figure.  This is the one.

The two figures are amazingly well articulated, as we have come to expect.   They have so much detail packed into those small bodies, and 27 points of articulation.   Master Chief comes with a railgun, while Scout comes with a Sticky Detonator Weapon.   I am kind of leaning toward Master Chief for the win on this one.  The Rail gun is a good rifle.  The sticky gun is okay, but it just looks like a pistol.

Master Chief also comes with a Cortana Micro-Ops figure.  She comes on a disk, but the center comes out so Master Chief can hold her in his hand.  Nice touch there.

As always, the figures are great.  They are a lot of fun to play with and pose.   They stand really well, and take almost any position you put them in. They also come with some special codes to change the skins on your game figures or weapons.  Since I have never played the game, I don’t have a need for the codes, but they are a nice touch to get the gamers to buy the toys too.

As always, more pictures on my Flickr Page.  These were too fun to do a standard photo shoot.  They were a lot of fun to play with.

Mischievous Slinking Cat Xiaomei – Kotobukiya

Xiaomei is another figure I picked up on a whim.  I did not have any knowledge of the character, or where she was from.  What I did know is that she was a cat girl, and I had yet to get one in my collection.   She is from the game, Shining Hearts.

She is a beautifully created figure.  She is as one would expect from Kotobukiya.  Well designed, with perfect proportions, a great dynamic pose, and perfect paint.  The biggest surprise for me upon opening the box was finding a real pillow in there.   I guess I didn’t get past the cute ears and the great tail to see that she was perched on a pillow in the pictures on the box.   What a great surprise it turned out to be.  Not only did it give something for Xiaomei to sit on that is not another disk of plastic, but it also really sets off the rest of the outfit.  The color looks so good with the white and purple outfit, with just a hint of the same teal color in the top part of her outfit.

Along with the pillow accessory, she also comes with two fish.  One fish is just a standard plastic fish.  The other has a magnet, so it looks like Xiaomei is eating it.  Cute idea.  Well executed.

Overall, a great figure.  She is so cute and looks great on that little pillow along with other figures.  She is definitely one to watch out for.  She is a great addition to any Anime collection.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – 1/7 – Swimsuit ver. (Griffon Enterprises)

Haruhi is a fun-loving girl. What better way to spend the summer than in a bikini with a super soaker?

Not many that I can think of… for girls of course.  I am a guy, so I would look pretty weird in a bikini.  I have done it, but I think it looks better on Haruhi.  Anyway, I digress.

Haruhi comes apart at the waist to allow the removal of the sash.   The clear green is too cool looking not to leave on, but I included some pics just to show how she looks.  Enjoy!

She is a solid figure.  Well designed, and a fun pose unlike any other in my collection.

More pictures on my Flickr page.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – M.O.U.S.E.R.S.

Yesterday we looked at the new little Turtles in Training.  Two in a pack.  Today we are looking at the Mousers that come 7 in a pack.   Knowing I was going to have fun with photos, I grabbed two sets, to give me 14 in all.  Oh what fun!!!

The set comes with 3 light grey, 2 dark grey, and 2 black figures.  They have opening mouths, a ball joint on the neck, and moving legs at the hips.  This is about all the movement you would expect, or want with these little guys.

These guys are nice and light weight.  With the articulation, they were so much fun to pose and create scenes.  I think the dynamics of my display is going to be so much better now that the Turtles will have someone worthy to fight.

You will not be disappointed with this purchase if you are a collector of the Turtle line.   Even if you only collect the original series Turtles that are out, you will probably want to grab this set.   It is like a bag of chips, you can’t have only one.   You will need to grab at least two packs of these great little guys.  7 is a great number to fight one or two Turtles.  If you want to fight all of your Turtles, you will need more.

More fun battle pics on my Flickr page.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Ninjas in Training

is there anything cuter than little ninjas?   Nope, I don’t think so.  These guys are fantastic, small versions of their well known Teenage counterparts.   Each character comes with their standard weapons, but in wooden form.   They all have a ball joint at the neck.  They twist at the waist.  They have shoulder movement as well.   I was not sure I was going to dig these guys, but that shoulder motion really put them over the top for me.

They look so good compared to their Teenage selves.  I really, really like the little wooden weapons.  They are so cute.    I was a little worried about the legs not having any articulation, but with each set of legs having a different pose, there is more than enough movement in the rest of the body.

Yup, cute and cool, all at the same time.  Good movement, well designed, and tiny weapons.   AND, you get two in one pack, so half price for a half pint.  Works for me.

Sill Plain – 1/8 – Rance VI ver. – Kotobukiya

Today, a quick look at Sill Plain.  A figure from an Anime game series Rance, that I have never seen, but the figure was calling to me.  There is something about the curly hair being blown up, along with the flowing cape.  I was in!

The sculpt is fantastic, as we always expect from Kotobukiya.   The paint is amazing.   All of the white, and the pink hair has a pearl tint to it that gives an extra something.  She is a bit on the small side compared to many of the other Koto figures I have, but with the flowing cape and look, if she was larger, she would take up a lot of room.  In all, a great figure.

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