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Transformers Prime: Beast Blade Optimus Prime

New color and a shield.  That is about all that is going on here with Beast Blade Optimus Prime.  But then again, it is enough.  There is something about this version of Optimus that really brings him into the world of Beast Hunters that his red/blue version could not.  While the other figures had changes to their designs, most of them also had some color changes to match.  Finally Optimus is in the mix.

In vehicle mode, he looks like he is ready to tear up the jungle.  I am not sure why the shield opens.  Maybe it is for flight, but I can’t see this brick flying through the air, especially without any engines to do so.   Still, it looks good, gives the appearance of some extra weight to the back, and helps to cover the arms that hang out back there.

An evolution of Optimus.  It is a big jump from the standard version to the Beast Hunter version, but with the not-so-subtle color changes, he looks like he is very different in the three Beast Hunters versions.  I am not totally sold on the bright green windows, as opposed to the darker black and red of the other two versions.  I think he would have looked great with the black.

An army of Optimus Primes.  You better hide Megatron!


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