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Kickback – Fall of Cybertron

Alas, I took a metric ton of pictures last weekend.  It took a few days to get to downloading them.  Finally done, they were ALL covered in dust.  Something happened in my DSLR camera, and all of the pictures are terrible.   I have to take it in tomorrow to get it professionally cleaned.  Until then, my review today was shot entirely on my iPhone 5.  Ironically, the pictures turned out great.   Ah well, there is still stuff my DSLR can do that my iPhone cannot.  Until then, enjoy this review of Kickback.

I know, he has been out for a while.  I have had him for a while, but he was in the pile of figures that needed to be shot (pictures).  I was reading the Beast Hunters Cybertron comic, and Kickback was featured, along with the Dinobots.  They are all in their Fall of Cybertron glory.  Using a comic to tie a video game into a TV show.  I like it.

Kickback looks really good with the purple and silver, with highlights of gold and dark grey.  Lots of good color.  Shiny and bright.  As a robot, he is really well done.  He moves nicely, has lots of articulation, and even has the nice big feet that allows him to stand strong.

I am really tied of all of these gimmicky weapons.  Oversized weapons that don’t work, two strikes in one.

The use of the secondary weapons, the wings, works much better.

Finally, transformed into a bug of some sort, most likely a grasshopper.  Not really a bug that sends terror into the hearts of the enemy.  I am not overjoyed by this insect mode.  The back legs are very weird.  The feet of the robot stick up in the back, and he stands on his knees.   The front end is working  much better.  Lots of small legs, and the robot head folds up well into the face of the bug.   I wish the wings were able to be deployed.

I nice clean robot.   Not without faults, but overall a good figure.Trans


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