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Finally, Finally, Iron Monger is complete with the addition of Ultron

Ultron is a good bad guy in his own right, but with him coming with the final piece of the Build a Figure Iron Monger, I have REALLY been looking forward to getting my hands on him.

He is what we expect from a standard Marvel Legends figure.  He has great articulation, and a great sculpt.  Usually we look at the paint apps here as well, but really, we have two dots on the shoulders, and some on the face.  Not much here, but not really much needed as he is molded in the right color of metal.  Very nice over all.

Of course, even Ultron knows what I am really after.  The head of Iron Monger.  Now, for those that haven’t seen the progress so far, you can see that a chest-sized head is going to make quite a large figure.  Let’s get to it!

Big, bad, and tons of details.  The head really makes the figure.  I am really happy that I started collecting the series so long ago.  I am happier that it did not go the way of Giganta, who I am still looking for the head/waist piece to complete her.   Another figure to add to the lines of really good, large figures.

A good mix of movie and comic figures.  Good guys, and bad guys.  This is a very nice wave overall.  I am happy to have these 7 figures on my shelf.



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