Autobot Blaster – Fall of Cybertron

I thought I was done for the long weekend.  Two posts in two days.  And then I went to a brand new Target I have never been to in search of new shorts.  Yes, September and I am still buying shorts.  Will the weather ever cool down here in California?   Well, as per usual, I had to take a trip down the toy aisle. Looking for the last part to build the Iron Monger BAF, looking for a few more of the newer Generations figures.  What do I find?  Well if it isn’t Blaster.  I had all but given up on finding him.  I had already bought the two two-packs of Autobot Data Discs, getting ready to buy Blaster, but he never appeared.  Sometimes it is best to stop hunting, and then they appear.

Of course it would not be right to sell a figure like Blaster, or Soundwave without at least including one Data Disc figure.   Blaster comes with Steeljaw, a lion looking guy.   This is a redo of Soundwave’s second-best buddy, Ravage.  He also comes with a blaster.  I know, I know, Blaster with a blaster.  Haha!   Since Soundwave comes with his mounted on his shoulder, it is only fair to give Blaster one too.

Amazing what a color change, chest plate, wheel, and head swap can do to really give the figure a new look.   They look so different from one another.   Don’t mistake these two for my last post where Springer and Sandstorm were brothers.  These two do NOT like one another.

Stronger minds prevailed, and we no longer have to live outside of physics.  Instead of these two shrinking down somehow to make music players. they instead go for a vehicle type machine.  Apparently Blaster is a communication truck.  Nothing seems to show that on him, but the box says so, and I will believe them on this one.  I would like to see a satellite dish or something, but I am not going to be picky here.  Nice transformation.  I had lots of practice with Soundwave, so Blaster was really straight forward.

Since I finally found Blaster, I can open the two-packs containing the rest of the Data Discs.   From left to right: Autobot Rewind, Sunder, Eject, Ranhorn.  I have to say I find it so funny that Hasbro has to have the name copyrighted as “Autobot Rewind”, but they were able to get just Eject.  I cannot believe there was never another character named Eject.  Anyway, these are pretty much the same as Soundwave’s Decepticon Discs.  Two animals, and two humanoid figures   The difference is a new figure in Ramhorn that has a body only for the Autobot Discs.   Soundwave had two flyers (Lazerbeak and Ratbat).


With all of his Discs, Blaster has quite a force.

KInda gives me a bit of a Power Rangers feel when I see all the different colors of discs.


2 responses to “Autobot Blaster – Fall of Cybertron

  • figurefanzero

    Ha, what a coincidence. The Walmart here did their toy reset and brought out a bunch of Blasters and Soundwaves, so I picked up Blaster just a few days ago. I passed on Soundwave, because he’s too big to display with my WFC/FOC figures, but now I may go back and get him so Blaster can have someone to fight with.

    • Carnitas Fever

      Sounds like great logic. Those bad guys can’t possibly fight with the smaller guys. It does nothing for their egos. Sound wave is a great figure, and can you pass up on getting a FOC Laserbeak? I think not!

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