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Sandstorm – Generations (Triple Changer)

When I got my hands on Springer, he became one of my favorite Transformers to date.  I knew I had to get Sandstorm as well, since they share the same basic body.  Of course, when they share the same body mold, they are generally looked at as brothers.  Of course not so much with Starscream, who seems to enjoy making clones.  These are of course Autotbots, so brothers they are.

With the same basic body, Sandstorm is a great figure, just like Springer.   He has a lot of differences, that make him really stand apart.  The lack of wheels in the legs is a big one.   He has smaller landing gear in the knees.  I like Springer’s longer gear a bit better.  The upper part of the body is very similar with a few exceptions, like the chest plate.  Springer has the yellow hood pieces which are longer over his shoulders.  They are fixed in place on Sandstorm.

And there is of course the VTOL engines.  Sandstorm also has a long piece on his back that is supposed to stick up, but it looked really weird, and tucked in so nicely on his back that I left it down.

The transformation into his VTOL mode is very straight forward.  He transforms almost the same as Springer, with the exception of the arms, which stay long along the side of the vehicle’s body.  Can’t get in the way of the VTOL engines.

Two different vehicles, but the similarities are apparent.  Not the same, but similar.  It is really good to see how differently Hasbro made the two vehicles.

PITB mode. (Pain in the Butt).  The directions were a little vague to get from one step to the next.  The transformation for Sandstorm’s car mode is not as straight forward as Springer’s car mode.  There are a lot more parts to move around, but he is one tough vehicle when he is done.   I like how the VTOL’s tail becomes window covers for the side windows.   The back wheels lock tightly into place, really holding together the back half of the car.

Again, I am amazed, and happy to see how they can take what was going to be a slightly different figure, and make a totally different vehicle.  Sandstorm looks so much larger than Springer.  The back wheels might be a touch on the big side, but oh well. I can live with that.

Overall, a couple of tough guys.  Great robot modes, and very nice vehicle modes.  The vehicle modes are made better by the great differences they have from one another.   This is not just a simple repaint that we tend to see with Transformers, but a very nice retool of a whole mess of the original parts.


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