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Fall of Cybertron Grimlock

I have had this guy in my hand for a LONG time, but with the new school year starting (I am a teacher), and summer ending, I was not able to get photos done.  In the meantime, I was making plans for an all new photo booth.  More light, and the removal of the line through all of my pictures from where the back wall and the floor of my old booth met.

Needing a good guinea pig for the experiment to see if it worked or not, I finally got around to opening Grimlock.  And I think the pictures turned out very well.  The color was very close to being right.  I did not have to do tons of adjustments to get whites back to white.   And the photos are a lot brighter now.  Capturing images of figures like Grimlock, it is important to have good light to catch all of the details.

So well done.  You know it is HIM!  There is no mistaking that grey/gold body.  Give him a good looking asymmetrical shield, and a sword that looks like it unfolds into shape, and we have another great Generations figure.

He has really good articulation overall.  I really like how the shoulders move around, and give him fantastic motion.  The lower legs are a little funny.  He bends at the knee, but his legs also pop out where his tail is stored, and that can give him a weird stance at times.   Not a big deal at all.

In his T-Rex mode, I cannot help but think of a gecko.  If you are not familiar with those little guys, they can store fat in their tails for later use, and they can get quite fat.  Maybe Grimlock is storing up energon for the long Cybertron winter.

With the other three Grimlocks in my collection, he is a great size.  Behind him, the Masterpiece Grimlock is of course, giant.  He is also unwieldy and heavy.  This Grimlock is perfect.  In the Voyager scale, he is a nice big figure.

Overall happy with Grimlock.  Happy to have a new photo booth up and running.  I have a HUGE backlog of figures to get to.  Transformers, Anime, and even a Power Ranger.  That is for another time.

Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters – Megatron

Finally we get the big-man himself.  Megatron in all of his Beast Hunters glory.  I have seen it posted around that he is Sharkticon Megatron.  Not too far off with that gaping mouth on his chest.   I am really liking this design.  I started thinking at first that there was not a lot that was changed about Megatron from the first Prime version.  But on closer look, almost everything is different.   There are very few reused parts that were not tweaked in some way.   Very basic things like feet, upper arms, and thighs were kept the same, but not anything that matters.

Goodbye arm cannon, hello Tartarex Warp Sword.   Keeping the theme of having weapons that look like animals too, this one has that sharky face with a bit of a tail at the back.   The nice thing that we are trending toward now are weapons that transform, but they are not loaded with a spring, so they keep whatever mode you put them in.

Held in his hand… I know, I know, but Megatron does not hold anything in his hands other than the scrawny necks of his in-subordinates (read: Starscream).  He cannot really have an arm cannon this time around since he has the fins on his arm.   And in case you were worrying about the fact that the first Megatron had a sword along with his cannon, this one does too… and it is bigger.

Giant slicing blade on top, serrated at the bottom.  Kinda like a Swiss Army Knife from hell.   This is big, and definitely worthy of Megtron’s attention.

I was never a huge fan of Megatron’s spaceship mode, but this one is pretty good.  That ugly shark face forms the front which works great.  He also now has a head cover that looks way better than seeing his face peeking over the top edge of the ship.

Megatron is sporting a new Decepticon symbol.  It is as if the symbol itself has taken on a new animalistic look.

Overall, I am happy with Megatron.  Good look, different enough from the original to warrant buying him, and a little nod to the old days with a bit of Sharkticon in the design.

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