Transformers Generations – Autobot Springer (Triple Changer)

Our second Springer in the Generations line.  This time around, Springer is a Triple Changer.  It has been a while, but we are getting triple changers, and not just that, but they are Voyager Class, which means bigger.  And when we are talking triple changers, bigger IS better.

Springer, sporting the green and yellow, is looking good.  He has a whole lot of extra stuff all over him.  In robot mode, you can tell he can change into more than just one vehicle.  He has wheels on his arms and legs, wings on his legs and forearms.  I am really happy with the way all of the parts fold up, but still create a robot more that has amazing articulation.

His first vehicle mode is a helicopter… just as Springer should be.   He is an interesting helicopter.  Kind of futuristic in a way.  This is what I would expect to see in an anime, maybe Appleseed.

From the back.  Very well done.  They did such a good job of trying to hide the wheels.

Vehicle mode 2, off road vehicle.  Again with a bit of a strange design.  Also kind of futuristic.  The front end is really weird with the nose being in three parts, but it has been growing on me.  Those big wheels roll really well.

From the back.    Could those be rockets to boost the speed?

Springer is a very well done figure.  His robot mode is by far the best.  Articulation is key with this guy.

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