Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Stealth Tech

Away I went on a camping trip.  Of course, I thought of a photo shoot while I was away, so I took my newest acquisitions, the Stealth Tech Turtles with me to see what I could do with them.

The four Turtles this time around get a little bit of Stealth Tech.  I skipped the last four, where they were flinging ooze.  I was much more interested in this set.

We start off with a group shot of the 4.  Not an easy thing, to pose these guys on an uneven rock, with a fairly quick moving creek all around.  As you can see, each character comes with a largely black outfit with accents in their colors.   They have attachments on their shells that give them their tech.   They all come with their standard weapons, with a few modifications.  Michelangelo’s nunchucks are black and have a cord instead of chain.  I assume to make it quieter.   Leonardo has two new swords, in a tech style scabbard that attaches into a hole on his back.  It does not stay attached too well.   Raph and Don have black versions of their standard weapons, but there is not change otherwise.

Michelangelo has a listening gun that attaches to his belt, as well as a visor that has a microphone.

Leonardo has a crossbow.  In this picture, he left it behind to begin the attack with a Mission Impossible sort of drop.  All 4 characters come with zip lines.  They have hooks on both ends, that are great for repelling as well as zipping.

Donatello is looking off into the distance.  Maybe for his robot, somewhere, either doing what it is supposed to be doing, or maybe it is broken, like many of Don’s inventions.

Poor Raph.  Growling and scowling as he does so well.  Unfortunately when it came time for his shoot, I pulled him out, and he was missing one of his sais.   I think it must have fallen off when I was doing the first shoot of all 4 guys.

There was an error with my Raph.  He did not have a hole in the second sheath.  I had to drill it out with a pin vise.  Easy to do, and a nice tight fit.  It was the other sai, in the larger hole that had fallen out.  Oh well, this stuff happens.   I am thinking it is time for a little project I have always wanted to do.  Metal weapons for the Turtles.

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