Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters – Autobot Ratchet

Has our resident Autobot doctor finally gone mad remaking himself for battle in the Beast Hunters story line?

He sure does try hard, and he has taken upon himself to do the best he can with what he has.   Unfortunately with the rest of the team out in the field on assignments, he tends to experiment on himself.  Maybe you remember when he tried to experiment with the synthetic energon?  He went CRAZY!!!  Time will tell, or more likely episodes will tell, and we will see how Ratchet gets to be so different.

A little comparison of BH Ratchet to the original version.  Not so doctor looking any more.   I am bummed they traded in his scalpels for an arm-mounted gun.  It has something to do with firing a numbing agent and nanobots.  Not the best sounding weapon, but something I think we would see on Ratchet.   His body is quite a change in the torso.  He also has a few changes in the shins and feet.  A lot of the change has to do with coloring.

We are back to some of the marbled plastic we saw with the first few figures.  With Ratchet, we see the most changes around the hood, the rear fenders, and the back.   Unfortunately, the rest of the vehicle finally gets the orange coloring that Ratchet has in the show.  Why didn’t we see this in his first version?

The back end has some great detail.   With the pipes and the big engine that really goes deep with detail, this is my favorite part.    As with the other figures that are either Autobot or Decepticon, there is not a lot that is different.  Certain parts have been switched out to make the character new for Beast Hunters.  Hopefully we will get to see this reflected in the show.


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