New Transformers Prime

The new figures are starting to show up for the Beast Hunters line. I did not know what was coming next, but I was excited when I saw Ratchet. This grumpy doctor is a great character in the series. I couldn’t wait to post a preview pic of him.

What is going on with him. He has that Beast Hunter look, but that face. I am wondering if he is going to go all Hank McCoy and test some stuff on himself. We all know he is working on synthetic energon, which has had unexpected side effects at best. I guess we will see.

There is also a pair coming to Target as an exclusive. I found Skylynx, which is a repaint of Skystalker, who is coming out with Ratchet. <br
The other figure is going to be Darksteel, which is a repaint of Grimwing, who I reviewed last time. I am not terribly excited about Darksteel, since Grimwing was not all that great. When I get Skylynx out, we will have a look at this newest Predacon and see how he stacks up to the rest of the “Beasts”.


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