Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Ultra Magnus and Grimwing

We have two new figures from the Beast Hunters line coming to us in the Voyager Class, 004 Grimwing and 005 Ultra Magnus.  When I picked up Ultra Magnus, I knew it was time I started to watch the show.  There are 9 episodes so far, with episode 10 coming on today.  I had to see if this Ultra Magnus was as much of a jerk as the others that keep popping up in the different series.  When he showed up, he was once again a “by the rules” kind of guy.  With Optimus dying and the other Autobots not knowing where he might be, they had to turn to Ultra Magnus for leadership, but it is hard to follow that hard-nosed leader when you have been under the command of Optimus.   Thankfully it looks like the Magnus is going to be a little more humble as he was under the command of Optimus Prime in the War for Cybertron, and he is willing to change.

Let’s take a look at Grimwing first:


Series 2 Voyager 004 Grimwing:

Who is Grimwing?  Well, we know he is a Predacon, and we know… not much else.  We are 9 episodes into the final season of Prime, and we have only seen one beast.  Hopefully that will change soon.  I can however tell you about this figure.  He is solid and well made, with one glaring error that makes his top half fall apart.  The beast head that forms the chest does not click or snap into anything, so if he is picked up by his chest, his head flips up and his arms fall open.  Not very good for playability.

Then we have his weapon.  It is some sort of claw that is mounted inside of a gun that looks like the head of a really angry eagle.  Kind of makes me sad when Hasbro did such a great job of incorporating the weapons into the beasts of Ripclaw and Lazerback.  That and the gun is so heavy it pulls the shoulder down away from the chest.

Beast Mode.  We get something that is kind of like a griffin.  In one of the episodes they talked about all of Earth’s folklore coming from the Predacons being on Earth so long ago.  Why wouldn’t they make an actual griffin?  There is not a great deal of transformation here to get him into beast mode.   At least his head stays on better in this mode.

From the back.  Squared off legs and no tail.  What the??  Okay, maybe a little more attention back here would have helped a bit.

Gah!  Darn you stupid cannon.  What a dumb design.  Into the box of other toy’s junk with you!

Oh, by the way, I think your time is up:

Watch out for that Hammer of Solis.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Grimwing facing off against Ultra Magnus.

Series 2 Voyager 005 Ultra Magnus:

I was surprised to see a jetpack coming with Ultra Magnus as he does not have one so far in the show.  This one does however look a lot like Optimus Prime’s new jetpack, so either Magnus gets to borrow it at some point, or maybe Ratchet starts to build some for the team to get some flight time.

Hammer of Solis and missiles in your shoulders.  That is a recipe for success.

Finally a well thought out backpack that allows everything to be stored back there.

Since Optimus Prime makes a bit of a change for Season 3, it is only right to bring in Ultra Magnus and have him use nearly the same body as Prime.   Of course he has the addition of the shoulder pads, and then there is a change in the chest that is also the windshield, a new head, and a bit of a change in the forearms.  Most everything else is the same.  To me, that is okay,  The changes that have taken place do make for quite a different figure.

In truck mode, we see UM in the long nosed truck that we are used to seeing since the movie franchise brought about a new direction for Prime.  Very similar in design to Prime in this mode too.  A few differences we will look at right now!

The only thing that I think hurts Ultra Magnus a little.  His giant shoulder pads do not have any place to go, so they stick out the back of the cab in a very weird position.  We will come back to this in a few pictures and talk about why this only hurts him a little bit.

From the front, they look almost identical.  The change in the windshield is pretty dramatic, also taking away the side mirrors  for something that looks a little tougher on Magnus.

From the side, you can see that maybe 3/4 of the cabs are the same.  A little change on the side of the hood for Magnus.  Maybe for attaching a weapon of some sort, or maybe it was going to be a port for some sort of Beast Hunters accessories.  You can also see there are two holes right at the back edge of the sleeper of the cab.  They reused the same piece that they used on Prime, but they did not put on the smoke stacks.  I think that is due to the jetpack not fitting on the back of Magnus if he had the smoke stacks in place.    Speaking of jetpacks:

Here’s where the shoulder pads are okay for Magnus in vehicle mode.  They blend in pretty well with the jetpack and are not nearly as noticeable when the jetpack is installed on the truck.  The Hammer of Solis has a great place to be kept as well, with the handle going into the back of the cab, it looks to be a part of the back section of the truck. Good job there Hasbro.

Prime has his new look, and he has Ultra Magnus as his second in command.  If Ultra Magnus can continue to come around and not be as hard-nosed as he started out to be, this is going to be quite a force.  And with the Predacons AND the Decepticons to deal with, the Autobots will need all of the help they can get!


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