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Star Wars: Class 1 Fleet Vehicles, 501st Legion Attack Gunship and Yoda’s Jedi Attack Fighter

I have not bought a new Star Wars set since about 2010.  There was nothing that really peaked my interest.  When school ended this year, a parent gave me a Target gift card.  Well, I knew I would find something fun with it.  Perusing down the toy aisle, I came upon the smaller Class 1 Fleet vehicles that have been floating around since about January.  I had not paid them much attention sine I was not really in the Star Wars market.  I did grab the two they had.  I am really impressed by them.

Yoda’s Jedi Attack Fighter:

Yoda’s small Jedi Attack Fighter comes with Yoda and a Super Battle Droid.  This is the last time you will see the SBD as I HATE them.  They severely lack articulation, and they never stand up for long.  Yoda comes with his cane and small green lightsaber.

As you would expect from Yoda’s Starfighter, it is quite small.  It does not look out of place, as it is the correct shape and the droid is the correct size to let you know the pilot is probably pretty small… and he his.   The interior lifts out to allow a full-sized figure also fly his starfighter, though I don’t know why anyone else would want to fly it.

Much like Anakin’s delta shaped starfighter, this one has had some modifications done to it as well.  There are pods that fold out from underneath the fuselage, and they have some might big missiles ready for launch.  But that is not all they do…

The tell-tale design of the outlet ports let you know these are not just any engine, but a hyperspace engine.  As the delta wing designs needed to use a Hyperspace Ring, it would have been hard to make one that worked for Yoda’s little ship.  This is a great alternative.

501st Legion Attack Gunship:

This is a pretty great little ship.  It comes with a Clone Pilot (removable helmet and gun), a battle droid (gun), and two firing missiles.  There are a lot of moving parts on this thing, that allow for great playability.

I had to work hard to get that pilot stuffed into that cockpit.  This is a pretty unique ship, but it does take some design elements from the larger Gunships that were the backbone of the Galactic Army.  The engines up top and the wing configuration are very similar, as well as the chin-mounted dual cannons.  There is also a place to transport two troopers before the ship turns into a fighter and becomes support.

The inside of the box shows the gunship in different configurations.

Make a few adjustments to the gunship, and it definitely looks like a pretty fast and nimble fighter.  This is what drew me to this vehicle, more than the dropship aspect.

Two Clone Troopers become gunners for the pilot while they are in transport.  They each has a pair of dual-cannons at their disposal.

I don’t think I would want to be that front trooper.  He gets to see bulkhead, and not much else.

When they hit the deck, the gunship releases the troopers, and their holder separates to become two backpacks that the troopers can use to continue the fight from the ground.  I used two different version of the 501st trooper to see how they worked.  Both worked well, but the animated version (on the left), fit just a little better, with his arms at good angles for using the guns.  The movie version is a little bulky around the middle with the big belt, and more filled out build to his body.


Both of these sets are great.  I am glad I made this little jump back into the world of Star Wars, even if it was for two sets.  We will see, maybe there will be something else out there that will grab my interest once again.


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