Marvel Legends – Hit Monkey Series

Okay, here we go again.  More Marvel Legends.   I was only going to get the Iron Monger series, but then came this one.   First off, I saw Red She-Hulk, who looked phenomenal, and then I noticed that there were only three figures to collect to get the Build a Figure.  And what a tiny figure it is.   Anyway, two stores got me all three figures.  One outing and I am done with the BAF for a series.  I hear that there are going to be a variant for all three of these figures, and that looks pretty accurate since there are two characters featured on all three packages.


Hyperion looks really good.  He is all kinds of buffed out.  He also looks really angry.  Don’t mess with him.

The colors are well done.  The molding of all of the muscles are crisp and sharp and look really nice.   He has great movement from his neck to his ankles.  His cape is a little heavy, but he can stand on his own, which we cannot say about all of the figures with giant rubber capes.

Protector, in all of his black and white glory is a new character to me.  I am going to have to do a little reading up on him.  He comes with great articulation, including the shoulders that move in and out.  He comes with a belt that holsters two big guns.   The only problem I have with the figure is that the belt sits really high on his body.

The guns are a great addition to the figure.  They are really well designed and fit well into his hands.   The left hand was a little loose on my figure, but the right was nice and tight.

Red She-Hulk makes me think that Hasbro actually listens to the collectors.   She has great detail.  Her body is perfect.   Her outfit has great black gloss and purple semi-gloss.   She has her long hair, but it is back away from the body just enough to allow for some head movement from side to side.    Part of the problems with female bodies in toys are design problems to try and create thin bodies with working parts.   When all else fails, more the joints.   They put her torso swivel right under her chest.  Great hiding place for that.   As for the legs, these figures need to be able to turn their feet out in some poses.   They got around that by putting a swivel right under the hip joint to allow the lower legs to move.

Finish her off with a nasty looking sword.   I would have liked to see two open hands so she could hold the sword with both hands at the same time.

All put together, there is something quite frightening about a monkey with guns.   I had trouble getting one of his arms to stay in after being attached, and both legs tend to pop out of the hip joints.  He has amazing articulation for being about half the size of the other figures.  I was a bit worried that with his small stature, he would not have movable legs, or limited movement.  That is not the case.   He has just as good movement as everyone else.

Now your only decision is: Is he handgun angry or sub-machine gun angry?  Either way, he will look great on the shelf.

This is pretty unique to get a Build a Figure that is half the size of other figures.   From what I hear, we are going to see another one of these with Rocket Raccoon here in the next wave or so.   I cannot complain.  He is a great figure who ends up with 4 guns.   A good set overall.  We will see how the variants look.  Hopefully they stink so I don’t “have” to get them, but somehow I think I will like them too.


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