Dreamworks’ Turbo – Race Team Toys

In case you have been living under a rock, like these snails, there is an action adventure movie coming out from Dreamworks about a snail named Turbo who wants to be fast.  The movie, coming out this summer, has spawned a toy line.  No surprise that is was taken on by Mattel… you know, the guys who bring you Hot Wheels AND Matchbox, as well at Cars from the movie Cars, and Cars 2.  I do find it interesting that we would get toys coming out by Mattel that are in direct competition, Pixar/Disney and Dreamworks.  Whatever, Mattel will laugh their way to the bank.  Especially if we start to see some stuff coming out from Pixar’s Planes.

I grabbed one of these 2-packs just to give it a whirl.  You never know what you are going to get with something like this, but I threw down on a gamble, and they are pretty sweet little toys.

The card is pretty well done.  Very bright and exciting.  You can clearly see the names of the characters you are about to buy.  The one thing lacking is really telling just what these are.  They look like they could be vinyl figures, and that may throw off some kids.   Being the curious person I am, I looked at the bottom of the figures and saw they had wheels.  Ah!  They roll.  Looking at the back and seeing they were Mattel told me they were probably going to roll well.  And that they do!

On the back, you can see the other 6 2-packs available.  It also looks like there are two 6-packs available too.   The Turbo and Skidmark in the 6-packs are special designs that look like the whole body rolls around.  The other figures look pretty cute as well.  There are some repeats in the 2-packs, but they are repaints.  So, if you want them  all, you are going to end up with a couple of doubles… and a triple.  Looks like they really want you to have Whiplash.

I ended up grabbing the set I did, because it had the standard paint for Turbo from the movie.   If they were no good, I thought it would be good to end up with the movie version at the very least.   He is cute with his aggressive look on his fave.   He has the swirl painted on his shell.  All of the paint looks pretty good.

From the back, you can see that heavy metal wheel sticking out.   I tried to lay him down to take a picture of it, but he really wants to flip right-side up.

Turbo comes paired up with White Lightning.  A little comedy relief from one of the “crew” that Turbo meets.

Thankfully, White lightning lays down, so I could show you the wheels on the bottom.   Pretty straight forward, but they are fast.

So, there you have it.  A fun toy to add to your collection if animation is your thing.  They are cute, and they are fast.  Kids are going to have a blast with them.   There are race sets as well as a larger scale Turbo with lights for his eyes.


And in case you have not yet seen it, I bring you the trailer.


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