Transformers Prime – Shockwave (Commander Class)

I looked at the big version a few days back, today we are looking at the small version of Shockwave.  The Commander Class is the larger of the small scale series.  These figures have impressed me a lot.  The tiny Legion class were a lot better than I had expected as well.

A few tones of purple, and a few grey colors, and you have all you need for Shockwave.  He comes with a gun-arm that is a little light on the execution.  Just like the larger version, it would have been so much better if they had just made him a standard figure without trying to get a gimmick in there.   This time, you put in the missile, and it is supposed to launch out when you slide the gun.  It comes out, but more as a slow “plop” than anything else.

Vehicle mode looks pretty close to the tank in the larger scale.  The wheels are really large in the front, but everything works like it should.

An for those dying to see the size comparison… Like a mommy and baby tank.

Make sure to click on any of the pictures or the link for Flickr on the side bar.  There are a bunch more Beast Hunters figure pictures that I have posted.  Most of the Commander/Legion class figures are too small to say much about, but they are really good figures, and they deserved to have pics.

We will end with the reality of being a Transformer:


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