I generally don’t talk about LEGO figures, since I burned out on them long ago as I filled up every available space with fun sets.   I had to make a decision, and they were the toys that got cut from my collecting.  Rather expensive to continue getting, as long as the best sets were license sets that cost extra.   I still have all of them, they are just stuffed into corners of the house.

This brings me to quite possibly one of the ugliest Hot Wheels vehicles, with one of the most god-awful names: Fig Rig.   Um, I almost passed on this one.  With a crap name, and a weird design, I did not see anything that was beneficial to owning this car.  Then I looked at the back and saw that it was something quite special.  Mattel has made this vehicle so it can be used in conjunction with LEGO mini-figs.  *slaps head*  Got It!  Fig Rig, as in Mini-fig.

That is when I started to see the actual cool features of the vehicle.  Still ugly as all-get-out, there were some redeeming qualities.   The flames on the side are the standard Hot Wheels flame, but pixilated as if it was being built out of Lego blocks.


There are studs on the hood, where the engine is.   That allows one Mini-Fig to stand there… or I guess you could build up the engine with other blocks.   There are also two studs in the back of the truck that allows another Fig to stand.   Being that this truck is in the Stunt section of the 2013 Hot Wheels Line-Up, it was only natural to add a bunch of hand-holds all over the place.  The most prominent being the large section hanging off the back of the truck where the Clone Trooper is hanging out.

To take it up a notch, there are additional hand-holds on each side, above the door.   You could end up with quite an array of Lego figures hanging out all over this thing.

And, as if all of that was not enough, they added one more little plug in the bottom.  That would be perfect for attaching the truck to a long pole in a Lego City as an advertisement for a car dealership or something like that.

I don’t know if I have ever seen something like this, where one company makes something to be used with another company’s toys.   Of course there are the direct rip-offs of Legos, but this one is kinda special, with a bit of a nod to another brand.


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