Marvel Legends – Iron Monger Series – Iron Patriot

I am pretty sure, when I have a conversation with myself, I am there.  And I am pretty sure I was there when I was looking at some of the more recent Marvel Legends figures I told myself I was done with the Marvel Legends.   After the days of getting the Sentinel, and some other big, bad figures, the new stuff from Hasbro has never really grabbed my attention.  Even when the Iron Monger wave came out, I was not really interested.  Well, I saw some pics of the upcoming figures from the Iron Man 3 movie that fit into this wave, and I was sold.   I had to go out and get the first three figures since I would eventually need to build the really nice sized Iron Monger.

The first figure I tracked down was Iron Patriot.  This is the Iron Patriot that Norman Osborn created to give a false sense of patriotism, and seducing the people to follow him.

First figure in a long time that is of this scale, and I like him.   I am used to the Iron Man 2 figures I collected a ways back, and they were great, but it is nice to hold a figure that is about double the size.  He has great coloring.  I was able to select the best of two I found at Target.  The other had a few paint mistakes on the chest area, but the rest looked this good.  Bright, shiny paint, all in the right places.


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