Watch for price gouging

All of my Transformers collectors, beware! I was at Target on Saturday on a “regular” shopping trip. Of course I have to take a walk down the toy aisles. A little hunt for some Hot Wheels that got me nowhere. Then a trip down the aisle wi Transformers. I was so excited to see the new Prime Starscream. As I reached out to grab him, I flinched like I had been burned. There above the figure was the price. $19.98. THE WHA!?!?! Are you telling me that those horrible higher-ups at Target are trying to get us to pay $20 for a flippin’ Deluxe figure? Um, no! The larger, better Soundwave is only $22. Something is wrong here.
To add insult to injury, I was out the next night for a little dinner. On the way home, we stopped by WalMart. There they had another figure in the Beast Hunters line, and it was only $12.98. Confirmation that Target is out to screw us.

3 responses to “Watch for price gouging

  • Todd Jumper

    I ran into a similar problem at a local Kmart. Reason I went into Kmart is that they were having a “major clearance sale” So since sometimes they mark stuff way down.. ( for example I got brand new soundwave and soundblaster for 12.95 each)

    So I headed over to the deluxe Beast Hunters, they were on clearance for 18.95 !!! I was like this can not be correct. Original price 19.95! As I looked down they have Voyagers on sale for 16.95! Whats the deal here? I pulled over an associate and said the prices were correct. Told him well Walmart has then for sale for 12.95 but they refused to price match.

    • Carnitas Fever

      K-mart always seems to be higher then everyone else. Funny since they have gone through bankruptcy a while back. And, the stores I have been to are usually pretty run down. Does not add up.

      • Todd Jumper

        Yep- They did go bankrupt and then Sears bought out the remaining stores, closed down almost over half of the Kmarts- they should just let the store chain die already. Everyone I’ve been to from east to west coast appears they have not updated their stores since the 1980s, which back then was one of my favorite stores to pick up joes and transformers as a kid.

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