Vintage Toys from the Attic, Part 1

Mid- Winter recess is here for me.  A few days off work from the elementary school, and a hail storm.  So, back on Tuesday I went searching through the attic.  I was thinking it was the perfect time to go and see if I could find that box of toys I was given when my parents moved out of their house.  I found it, and boy did the memories come rolling back.

My young years were in the 80s.  You know the years, where toys were so awesome and TV shows were so good, that someone is trying to recreate all of them now?  Yup, those years.  Anyway, the box had some pretty great things in there that I wanted to share with all of you, my toy-loving community.

Today we are going to look at one of my early favorites.  How times come around.  Not only are there tons of toys out now like them, but they are trying to make a comeback.

Battle Beasts:
I did not have the biggest collection of these little guys, but they really stand out in my mind as a great set of toys.

Starting right there in the middle with my favorite, Sly Fox.  Number 2 is to his right, Pirate Lion.   Behind is Bludgeoning Bulldog and Hunchback Camel.

Gruesome Gator, Knight Owl, and Hare Raising Hare round out the left side of the team.  Some look tougher than others.  You would not think an Owl would necessarily be a good fighter, until you give him a bionic eye and some sort of weapon system.

On the other side we have Major Moose, Manic Mandrill, Eager Beaver, and Kickback Kangaroo.  I really liked Kickback since he had one hand that was a metallic boxing glove.  I did not have many of the figures that had one hand replaced.  Blitzkrieg Bat also had one hand missing, with a hook in it’s place.

These figures had 2 points of articulation.  I know, the Marvel Legends and GI Joe collectors would scoff at such a small articulation count, but there are quite a few toys with small counts like that now.  I think Battle Beasts in this form would fit right in with a lot of lines out there.  How about the Action League figures by DC?  We are talking 2 or 3 points on most of those, and in most cases, less detail than these figures.

We did see an Alligator Battle Beast a few years back at San Diego ComiCon in the MiniMates line.  Now they are starting to hit the stores with their first wave of figures.   They are nowhere near as cool as these original guys, even boasting some 12-14 points of articulation.

If you want to see more Battle Beasts, head over to The Redwood Connection for a virtual museum of Battle Beasts as well as other great toys.

Up next is another series that I LOVED from the 80s.  They had a toy line to go along with their cartoon.  Fast cars, guns, and specially designed helmets.  Oh yeah, they could still stand up to some of the best toys of today.  Stay tuned…


2 responses to “Vintage Toys from the Attic, Part 1

  • Jason

    I was born in ’79, and I think the eighties had some of the best toy lines to date. Battle Beasts is a pretty awesome line, and was kind of a precursor to Pokémon, if you think about it.

    I only have Major Moose(missing rub), and Hare Raising Rabbit. Delta Chameleon would be my favorite from the line, and I have since lost the most recent one that I had.

    Also, you pretty much find every new Transformer that hits the market(often way before I even see them). With that being said…have you seen Grimlock? I happened to pick him up last weekend, and he’s a pretty nice figure.

    In case you wanted to check him out…

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