Kotobukiya – Bishoujo, Tekken Asuka Kazama

Does your change work for you?  You know, you go to the store and buy something with cash (that is the paper money people used to carry around with them).  When you received money back, it was in the form of metal coins, referred to as “change.”  It took a long time to warrant enough change for me to do anything with, so when I finally did, I went down to a Coinstar and turned it in.  They have some sponsors that allow you to change your money without being charged a fee for making the deposit.

One of those sponsors happens to be Amazon.  So, there I was with a receipt in my hand with a series of letters and numbers that did not mean anything to me, but it meant spending money to my Amazon account.  The hunt was on.   What to buy with all of my loose change?  I wanted to go with something that I could not get elsewhere.  Something special and then I saw it.   Going along with one of my favorite collectibles, the Bishoujo statues.  I have a few of the DC statues, and a Marvel statue.  I wanted to move away from them and go with something completely different… video games.

So, I bought Asuka Kazama from the game Tekken, or more specifically, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  I will be honest with you, I do not know anything about Tekken other than it is a fighting game akin to Street Fighter.  And that is where my knowledge ends.   But what I do know is I really like the design of the Bishoujo statues.  This one does not disappoint.

Here is a fun little touch.  You can choose your base art.   The Tekken logo, the box art of Asuka, or the signature of the project leader.

Asuka has been posed in a winning stance.   Saluting the fans while relaxing with her top layer of clothing around her waist.   Her standard top has been changed to look more like a bikini, of course with the zipper part way down.   She has great details from her hair to her face to all of the little details in her arm and leg pads.

The great thing about the designs from Kotobukiya, is they can be viewed from any angle.  Each way the statue is turned reveals more and more about the figure.  Every sculpted line of the body is flawless.  The outfits are designed in a way that allow for the body to be shown, but not to make it overtly sexual.

All the way around to the back, her outfit, hanging around her waist, has great wrinkles and details that really look great.  Her bikini is tied in the back, and peeking out from under her hair.  There are so many fine details.

She is thin, but in that tough sort of way.   She is not skinny because of lack of food.  She is thin because she is going to kick someone’s butt.  A good buy for sure, for a bunch of spare change sitting in a drawer in my bedroom.   But now I have a new problem.  I think I might need a few more in this series.


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