Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters – Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Wheeljack

Ah, Beast Hunters.  Can’t wait to see what the show is going to bring us as we move into this new chapter.  We are definitely moving away from the whole “disguise” aspect of Transformers.  Earlier I posted a review of Lazerback, our first full new character and design for the Beast Hunters line.  Tonight I am going to look at the rest of the Deluxe figures: Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Wheeljack.


What to say about Bumblebee.  It looks like he locked himself in a closet and found every sharp object he could and welded it to his body.  6 missiles and a crossbow to launch them as well as his original blasters.  He has some major firepower going on now.  Add in a variation in his transformation, and and a better overall paint job, and this is not such a bad Bee.  I was really hoping for this Bee to be based off of the First Edition Bumblebee, but no luck there.  Thankfully, the changes they made to this one were really good, and I think the only thing that really bothers me is his head not always sitting down on his shoulders very well.

His crossbow folds up and can be attached to his back, the same hole it fits into when he is in vehicle mode.  I wish the color of the crossbow matched the rest of the yellow, or was an entirely different color all together.

Once in vehicle mode, he is a very dangerous looking variation of his former self.  The black blades all over are quite menacing. I like the bit of red mixed in with the yellow for the body mold.  It gives a unique look.

The added crossbow and blasters are really giving Bumblebee a run for the top Beast Hunter.

The comparison.  There are quite a few parts that are reused between the first version and this new version of Bee.  There are also a lot that have been retooled, or changes all together, especially in the chest area.


Soundwave comes with Ravage this time around.  Aaaaaaaaand that is about the only good thing about this version of Soundwave.  His colors are all over the place.  Yellow paint over blue body parts makes for fairly muddy yellow paint.  His additional “Beast Hunter” parts don’t really do much for him like they did for Bumblebee.  And he has a giant grappling hook that is way too bulky.

Old verses new Soundwave.  I am going to have to stick with the first version of Soundwave.  His uniform colors work so much better.  The extra wing extensions on his arms are way too long.

In vehicle mode, he is all over the place.  I don’t know.  Some of the original blue, some that is way too purple.  Yellows, and gold.  And it doesn’t stay together too well.  The front end of the plane wants to pop apart all the time.


Best figure by far.  I thought the original version was great, but this one is better.

Take Wheeljack, pump him up with armor, blades and a great color scheme related to his original color scheme.  Then give him some wings, and you have one great figure.

They took Wheeljack and changed just about every part of his body, keeping the same basic design, and most of the same transformation, but he is all new and all pumped up.  I would have loved to see the inclusion of his blades like how Bumblebee got to keep his blasters, but we can’t have everything.

Transforming into vehicle mode, and he is him, but different.   A beefed-up, “don’t touch me our you gonna get cut” kinda vibe.  I could see him saying that too.   The back end has been changed to allow for the wings to go back there. I like it.

A little more of the mixed plastic colors to give a bit of a camo look.  Can’t be too white when hunting beasts.

So, there you have it.  The first 4 Deluxe figures.  Lazerback is good, but is lacking in robot mode since he still looks like a beast.   Bumblebee is great looking with all the blades and weapons.  Soundwave is not as good as his first version, but he does have Ravage.  And Wheeljack, Perfection in plastic.

As always, click on any picture to be taken to my Flick page and see more shots of these figures and many others.


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