Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Starscream and Air Raid

It is hard to keep up with all of the Transformers lines right now.  We get a few here and there as they begin to trickle back into the stores.  Slow as slow can be, but at least there is something out there to go hunting for.  Last weekend I was on a little road trip and passed by a Target I have never gone into before.  Gotta check, right?  Right.   I found two of the new Fall of Cybertron figures, Starscream and Air Raid.   Funny that I could not find all four, but two is better than none.


Whatever universe he is from, you know Starscream is going to be a bad boy.  Either stabbing Megatron in the back outright, or going behind his back to find someone else to do the stabbing for him.  Not a team player.

Red, white and grey.  Good to see Starscream back with these colors.  Looking very much like his G1 robot mode.  Good head sculpt and overall body.

His guns can be mounted on his forearms for that classic placement of his original blasters. Both of these guns have rotating turrets.

As we are seeing with this current wave of Fall of Cyberton figures, if all else fails, combine your weapons together for MORE POWER!   I am sure there is some advantage for Starscream’s two guns to go together like that.  When combined, the two spin together.

Dropped down into his vehicle mode, Starscream is a Cybertronian jet.  Pretty good design all together.  I am not a huge fan of the pyramid wings on top, but follows a theme we have seen before with the Cybertronian jets having a bit of a pyramid design to them.

Top down view to give you a look at those swept forward wings.  The low point of this mode is right there in the middle.   Not only is Starscream’s head exposed, but there is also a gap where you can see right through the jet.

Speculation time.  Are we going to see more figures in the Fall of Cybertron line.  Aaaaaand, what is this hole doing on the side of Starscream’s leg.  Are we going to see another jet?  A little Thunderwing action perhaps? Acid Rain?  Thrust?

Air Raid:

Air Raid is a redeco of Shockwave.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are similar in very many ways.   A new head, a new chest, and throw in a new weapon, and we have quite the change in characters.

Air Raid comes with two unique swords, as well as the double-barreled cannon on his back.  The smaller, sword opens into two blades.  The other looks more like a gun with a sword attached to the end.  Kind of a strange design.

Surprise!  They combine together to make a three-bladed sword.  It is big, but I don’t think it looks very usable.  Oh well.

Here you can see Air Raid facing off with Shockwave.  I think the biggest changes between the two is the use of color.  Bright and shiny on Air Raid, while dark and muted on Shockwave.

Air Raid turns into almost the same vehicle as Shockwave.  Again, the colors really make Air Raid look different.  But wait, what is that?  WHAT IS THAT?!?!  Close up:

Oh no they didn’t!!!!  Oh yes they did!!!!   When Air Raid transforms into his vehicle mode, his Autobot emblem is UPSIDE DOWN!!!!   I am sure there is some cardinal rule against that.  That is a big no no as far as I am concerned.

The same but different.  Really different.   I like the changes to make them their own robot.

These guys are pretty good.  I am glad to have a classic looking Starscream in those great colors.  Air Raid, though not really high on my list of favorite Autobots, does have some great stuff going for him.   To be a redeco of Shockwave is quite a feat.  This is the first time that I know of that a redeco figure has been made from Shockwave.  With such a unique look, it is hard to re-purpose that body into another form.   The hunt continues…



2 responses to “Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Starscream and Air Raid

  • Todd Jumper

    Great review – have yet to find either of these but I picked up Soundwave and all his discs last week.. he’s good but can tell plastic is getting cheaper and feels like he could break east and rather difficult to get the data discs out of him, I had one stuck for 20 minutes and was worried I was gonna break it.

    As for Starscream how are the legs on yours , I read a few people that claim the leg broke off transforming as the joint was too tight.

    • Carnitas Fever

      I am really digging the design of the Fall figures. My Starscream is fine. I did not have any problems with the legs. Everything was at the right tightness. I did have a problem with Air Raid where his gun does not stay in place very well in vehicle mode.

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