Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Lazerback

Is it just me, or is it harder to figure out what we are going to call this show now?  We are still in the Prime Universe, but we are going to go hunting for beasts now.  That Shockwave can really put a damper on a Universe.  Anywho, we are not even up to the new season of Prime yet, and already we are seeing the toys hit the shelves.  Sporadically of course, but that is to be expected after the stores are once again shell shocked from a little holiday called “Christmas.”   As the toy aisles sit more empty than a Nevada ghost town, we wait with anticipation for the return of the toys.

In this all new line of Beast Hunters, the Autobots are going to have to hunt down some dastardly beasts that have been created by the crazy Shockwave, whom we get a little taste of in the later part of Prime Season 2.   I was a little hesitant to get on board with this concept, because that means dinosaur/dragon type figures.  And as far as I am concerned, when you try and take animals and transform them into robots, you get robots with a lot of animal parts hanging off.  And then you get animals with robot parts showing.

In the first wave of Beast Hunter figures, there is only one “Beast,” Lazerback.  He falls prey to the not really an animal or a robot problem, but I had to get him to see for sure.


We get our first look at Lazerback in his beast mode.  In order for him to fit in the packaging, they had to bend him in a bunch of ways that his beast mode should not be able to take, so be prepared to take a few minutes to have to try and figure out what on earth they did to get him transformed in all the wrong ways.

Here at the front, you can see him in all his technicolor glory.  Boy does he have a whole lot of color going on.  More than anything, I would have liked to see his head color match his feet color.  Tie those together, and he would have looked so much better.

Lazerback is a pretty tough looking guy, with all the armor plating all over.  He is quite posable with all of the leg joints he has.  The poses are a little off since his head is in a perpetual downward angle.  He looks like he is always bowing down.

Generally with figures like this, we get some sort of weapon that we either have to leave off in animal mode, or attaches to an appendage somewhere and looks silly.  This is a really great design.  The cannon is actually part of Lazerback’s back.  Guess that is where we get the name.  I like that it can not only be able to be raised into a firing position in beast mode, but it can also handle having the missile loaded and ready to go in that mode as well.

There are a few rubberized parts on him.  The back of the gun opens, I guess to make it look less like he is holding his back when in robot mode.  His tail is also rubberized for the last 2/3.  I don;t know why they did that, but oh well.

Once in robot mode… he looks like he is just an upright version of his beast mode with a robot head. Gah!  No real feet, and his beast hands are tucked in behind his robot hands.  How annoying would that be if you were trying to do something with your little hands and your big hands were always in the way?  I do like how his beast head becomes his chest, and the torso wraps around it, making it virtually unrecognizable.  Too bad there is so much that is still there from his beast mode.

Weapons.  Long and short range, like every good soldier should be prepared for.  The laser cannon mounts to his back or it can go into his hand.  He can also use his tail as a weapon.

I was able to attach his tail to his back in one of the many ports back there.

In all, not a bad figure.  He has some good points.  I am a little biased since I went in knowing that transforming from beast to robot would leave something out.  This ain’t no Dinobot.  By the way, how cool would a Prime version of a Dinobot be?  The rest of the wave is going to be heavily retooled versions of characters we already know, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, and Soundwave.  I am pretty excited to see what those guys are going to bring.  I am sure we will get some pretty interesting designs there, especially since we are going to be loosing the whole “in disguise” thing.


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  • Todd Jumper

    If you would like the backstory on Beast Hunters, the current Transformers Prime comic book actually picks up right at the end of Fall of Cybertron. They tie both toy lines together supposedly in the same storyline. The dinobots rescue the Prime version of Ultra Magnus from prison where they encounter Shockwave (who suddenly is upgraded into the prime version) and the Beasts which look similar to Lazerback here.. I have yet to find out if the dinobots make it to earth, only on issue #2 – I have read rumors that Ultra Magnus and Thundertron might not show up in the cartoon.

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