Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus

I cannot seem to find all of the Fall of Cybertron guys at the same time.  Good thing I guess. It keeps me on the hunt.  The first two I found from the newest offering is Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus.  After Bruticus, we needed a few more good guys… until the other two in this set come out.

011 Sideswipe:

What to say about Sideswipe.  A washed up race car, turned freedom fighter.  He is a redeco of Autobot Jazz, but there is a lot of new stuff on Sideswipe to make him REALLY different than Jazz.  Starting with a new color scheme that screams “different.” Add in the whole new hood and roof sections, as well as a new head, and he really only has arms, legs and the torso skeleton in common with Jazz.

Oh yeah, and the GIANT gun he comes with.  This is quite a piece of engineering we get this time around.  No hunk of plastic on this one.   The gun barrel slides in to be reduced in size when it is on his vehicle mode.  The round part at the bottom looks to be some kind of magazine.  It actually spins.

And in case you were wondering, Sideswipe’s gun is WAY bigger than Jazz’s gun.  If you think it looks big in this form, just wait until you see Sideswipe in vehicle mode.

Similar, but not the same.   Standing side by side, you can see the much rougher cut of Jazz’s body, as opposed to the sleek lines of Sideswipe.  We also get a little bit more along the lines of detail paint on Sideswipe.

From about the doors back on the sides, the two cars share some similarities.  Other than the wheels, there is not a lot that is the same.  It is really nice to get some figures like this.  Not just a repaint of a figure.  (You will see that with Ultra Magnus).

And because you demanded it, one more look at Sideswipe’s giant gun.  The barrel slides in really far.  The car is still certainly heavy on one side, I am sure destroying all of the aerodynamics that Sideswipe’s body is known for.  But with firepower like that, who really cares?

012 Ultra Magnus:

Unpacking Ultra Magnus, this is what you get.  Optimus Prime with a new head and a patriotic paint scheme.  There are a few major faults about the directions that came with him.  They show the exhaust ports on his shoulders laying down like you are supposed to do with Prime.   They also don’t say anything about the sword coming apart and being able to form with the gun.  If you look on the back of the box, you can see him holding the super sword.  You will have to kinda piece it together from there.

The super sword.  I don’t know, it does not seem to have a name, since they did not even include it in the directions.  It goes from being a really cool big sword, to this amazing huge thing.  I think this makes up for UM being a repaint of OP.

Prime and Magnus.   I always think of Ultra Magnus being a really large, overly armored figure.  Having him be the same size as Prime is a bit disappointing.  Having him be small compared to the other figures is also a letdown.  I do like his paint scheme.  The only thing that I don’t really care for are the white toes.  It looks like he is wearing sneakers.

His truck mode is good.  Just like Prime, Magnus is nice and tight.  He has some great extra paint apps that were left plain plastic on prime.  The parts that stand out the most are the front grille, the exhaust tips, and the wheels that are a reversed paint scheme from Prime.

Similar, but similar.  No way around this one.  They are the same in truck mode with a different paint scheme and a sword.  Of course this is not the most important mode.

These guys really blend well together, color wise.  Red, white, and blue, with shades of grey.   Magnus and Sideswipe definitely have the better weapons.  Hopefully this is the way things will be from here on out.  Some killer weapons.

Here is the Fall of Cybertron offering so far.  I am missing the other two, new Decepticons, and the Soundwave recolors, but a great line-up so far.  I am really happy with what Hasbro has done with the Fall of Cybertron line, and looking forward to what is coming next.


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