Transformers Prime: Dark Energon

Big Bad Toy Store has an exclusive on a line of Transformers titles: Dark Energon.  Anyone who has been watching Prime knows that Dark Energon is some nasty stuff.   So, when six characters are treated with it, they get quite a great look.

I am not one to go and pre-order figures.  I never do it for anything I collect, but the only way to get these six was to order them from the source, so I pulled the trigger and hoped my Christmas money would come through for me.  It did.

There are six figures, including two Voyager figures (Optimus Prime and Megatron), and four Deluxe figures (Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Starscream, and Knock Out).  Each has a unique look and lots of clear parts.  I cannot wait to get the figures open and see them out of their boxes.  When I see them, I will share them with you.  I could not help but to share a quick post with some teaser pics.


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