Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron, Data Discs

Hasbro is kinda putting the cart before the horse on this one.  I was at Toys R Us, just hoping for something new to be out over my last few days of vacation.  Usually a pretty dead time of the year with lots of empty shelves and pegs.  Then I saw a familiar graphics in a less than familiar packaging.

Two smaller packages, and I knew right away what they were.   The Data Discs for Soundwave.  The Fall of Cybertron line is expanding, with the introduction of a large scale (Voyager Class) Soundwave in the near future.  To get us ready for that, we get four of the Data Discs that will be compatible with Soundwave.   Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat.  When Soundwave comes out, he will come with Laserbeak.  That is an amazing 5 figures that will be compatible with Soundwave.  This is the largest collection of mini characters to ever come out at the same time to go with one character.   There were lots of redeco and parts changes over lots of countries in the original Soundwave and mini-cassette line from 1984.

Ravage & Rumble

Ravage and Rumble.  Glad to see these two guys pop up first.   Some of the most iconic mini robots from G1, these guys were a pain in the Autobot’s resisters more than a few times.  The only character used more than these two is Laserbeak, and he is coming with Soundwave.

Both figures transform into a disc.  Ravage has some really unique transformations to get him all rolled up into a disk.  He is fairly open in design, but does represent is G1 self pretty well.

Rumble is, just like is G1 self, a tiny little man.  Haha!  Not much to him.  He transforms into a standard robot.  It would have been nice if these figures came with some small accessories like the G1 counterparts.

In their Data Disc modes, they are just that, discs.  They come with boxes to hold the discs.  A nice addition since each of the discs have a switch on the bottom that allows for the automatic transformation to begin.   In the box, they sit just high enough to lay flat.

Frenzy & Ratbat

Two lesser-known G1 figures, Frenzy and Ratbat have been chosen for a reason.  Frenzy is a red version of Rumble, from head to feet.  A direct recolor.   Ratbat is what I am assuming is going to be a redeco of Laserbeak with a different color and a different head.  Hasbro is saving some money and creating new characters.  They have done it since 1984, so why stop now.  I am not complaining, just pointing it out.

Ratbat has an interesting transformation, since his head and tail both fold into one another and then get surrounded by the wings.  Simple and effective.

Could they have found two colors that clashed more?  I think not.

I really like these guys.  People were bummed when we got Soundwave in the Hunt for Cybertron line and did not get any of his support staff.  I think Hasbro listened to that, and now, not only do we get support staff, but we get 5 figures, as well as a big Soundwave.  I am really excited to get my hands on him.

***Looking at the upcoming lineup, we are going to see Soundwave as well as Soundblaster, as well as Blaster.  So, along with the addition of Laserbeak, we will also see Buzzsaw (Gold version of Laserbeak) and the Autobot Steeljaw (a yellow version of Ravage).  So now we are up to at least 7 of these figures.


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