Book Review: Warm Bodies

Are you into Zombies?  If yes, then you need to read this book.  If no, then you need to read this book.   Haha!  I know, a book that works for both sides of the zombie coin.  Love it or hate it, zombies are the new vampires.  And better yet, they don’t shimmer in the sun.


Now this is a love story, and if you don’t like love stories, this might not be for you.  BUT, if you think the idea of a zombie falling in love is an interesting concept, you might want to give it a read.

Isaac Marion created a great debut novel, where we follow a zombie named ‘R’ around a world that has long since been decimated by the ravages of the zombie apocalypse.  He does not go into why the zombies arrived, but focuses more on the future.

Our zombie ‘R’ eats the brain of a girl’s boyfriend, and then falls in love with the girl.   Seems rather Shakespeare huh?  We don’t even have to deal with that awkward moment of the girl being mad at him when he tells her the truth about eating her boyfriend.  She seems rather okay with the situation when it comes time, and you know going into this thing that this situation would come sooner or later.

Hearing ‘R’s thoughts along the way, as the world is revealed to him with ever increasing cognition of what is around him really makes for an interesting way to elaborate on the world.

This story is definitely out of the ordinary for the standard zombie book, but it was an interesting read.  At 240 pages, it is a quick read.   It will not disappoint.

And get ready, the movie comes out in February (2013), and since it is from Summit Entertainment (you know, the Twilight studio), they know a thing or two about fantastical battles. In addition there is a sequel book slated for some time in the future.


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