Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The rest of Wave 1

There were three more figures recently released to go along with the initial release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Two more bad guys and one good guy.


A walking-talking dog with spikes on his hand and back.  Definitely not a good guy.  One of Shredder’s minions, in the style of the original Bebop and Rocksteady.  We get movement in the shoulders, wrists, neck, and hips.  No torso, knees, or elbows.  Looks like the theme is set.  Outside of the initial 4 Turtles, we are going to get limited movement for this line.

From the back:  The big shell spikes and and tail come in the package, and need to be clicked into place.  Nice and easily done.  The tail has a ball joint for movement.

Dogpound and Raph can have a staring contest to see who can grit their teeth into a more menacing face.   Just remember boys, you want to be careful, your face might stick that way.


A fish with mechanical legs, arms, and a horrible underbite.   He is a good looking figure.  Again, limited in the articulation, but he has great details that make up for it.   I have one problem with my Fishface, and I am wondering if anyone else has the same problem.   On my Fishface, he has two right arms.   The shoulder joint on the left arm is clearly not correct since it looks to be in place when it is facing toward his face.  He has the correct hand, just not the right arm.

A look at the back.  He has a scuba tank that covers his gills.  The tubes are either soft plastic or rubber that allow the head to move.


The good guy of this trio of figures.

I was excited when I saw Metalhead.  He was a character I remembered from the original show.  He has the standard neck, shoulder, hip articulation.  He also comes with knee articulation.   His right arm is stationary at a bent angle to hold the flame that can be flick-fired from the elbow.

It is good to have knee articulation, on at least one of the extra figures.

A nice touch on the back.  A New York City manhole cover for a shell.

I was surprised at how short Metalhead is.  I would have expected Donatello to make a robot that was at least as tall as he was.

In all, these are three good figures.  They add a bit of brightness and peculiarity to the rest of the TMNT figures.   Each is unique and a good addition to the set.


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