Play Arts: Kai, Batman: Arkham Asylum – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn.  Made for the small screen in Batman: The Animated Series, but a strong audience following allowed her to finally make her debut in the comic pages under the art direction of one of my all time favorite artists, Terry Dodson.   Then came Arkham Asylum.  Take Harley, and turn her on her ear.   This is not the bi-colored spandex wearing follower of The Joker that we have known in the past.   This time around, we are treated to a little more of her wild side with a bit of dominatrix leather, and her blond locks exposed to the world.   Somehow I have a feeling that Mr. J would be okay with the change in 0utfits.

Harley comes with a second gripping hand, a cane, and the creepy little Scarface.  Might as well start with Scarface.   When my wife came home, she saw Harley and Cammy on the counter, and then she looked at Scarface and said, “Why did you buy this creepy little guy?”   I had to explain that he was an accessory of Harley.

No pants, and a green jacket with a “J” on it, and paint that looks vaguely familiar all over his head.  I think maybe Harley thinks this is a Joker doll?   Maybe you players of Arkham Asylum can help me out on this one.    He has hip articulation so his legs swing back and forth.  One of the legs is loose, and pops off the ball joint.  I think the arms are supposed to swing as well, but they seem to be stuck, and I don’t want to break him.   He also has a ball joint at his neck so his head can move all over the place.

On inspection of his back, I found a funny lump.  No, he does not have spinal cancer, it is Harley’s hand in the back of the dummy.  It is really well molded, and can be attached in place of her right hand.

When attached, it looks SO good.  With the great joints Play Arts uses, he stays right up where you put him.  The weight is not too much to either pull Harley over, or make her arm droop.  Both are really nice to have.

Ooh, that dirty little Scarface.

She is actually shorter than Joker, but Joker has so much trouble standing on his own that his legs have to be bent funny, as well as his torso.  Thankfully no problems like that with Harley.

The Arkham crew so far.  There is also an Armored Batman, but at this price point, I am definitely not out to collect all of the figures, and one Batman is enough I think.


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