Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron Shockwave

The war is on!   It took a lot of persistence on my part to finally find a Shockwave.  It seemed that everyone had Optimus and Jazz, but Shockwave was a hard find.  But boy was he worth it. Design and function.  Could not ask for more.

Other than the addition of some wings, Shockwave looks very similar to his G1 counterpart.  Other than his tight joints, he looks amazingly similar to the 1985 version.  It is fun to look back.  This version of Shockwave does come with two hands though.  HAHA!!   That is a good thing… I think.

Calm, calculating, and emotionless, this is the real deal.  He would drop an Autobot just because he is supposed to.   The big gun is a massive beast that fits well into his hand.  The end comes off to reveal three barrels underneath.  I don’t know if there is a reason for that or not, but they do have sights on the end.

Fear not, he has a hole in his back to allow for hands free holding of his gun.  Finally we get some guys that can do stuff and still keep their guns with them.

With his Decepticon brethren, Soundwave and Megatron from the War for Cybertron.  Megatron seems to have a few good soldiers to rely on.  Too bad he ends up with a bunch of lug heads.  I mean bad for his sake, not the sake of humanity.

In vehicle mode, he becomes a weapons platform.  Put a handle on it, and you would have yourself something similar to the G1 gun that he became.  The transformation is nice.  There are a few tricky pins that have to fall into place just right, but once they are in, this is one solid vehicle.

The Fall of Cybertron team so far.  Two good guys and one bad guy.   I am sure we will see more of them here in the future.  Overall good figures and transformations.

Now for some fun.   Playing is the point, right?   I was talking pictures of Shockwave, and I had the HALO Micro Ops figures nearby.  It was too good to pass up.

I started with a face-off.  The scale looked to be pretty good.  Then I had a second thought.   This picture is too static with the white background.  A little computer magic, and here we go:

A little desert action.  It has been a whole bunch of years since I used Photoshop, and I am really looking to get back into it.  So, for a first shot, here it is.  Enjoy.


2 responses to “Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron Shockwave

  • Jason

    Picked him up this past weekend. Out of the 3 released, I fell Shockwave is the only “must-have”. Optimus and Jazz both look cool, and if I have extra cash, I may pick them up. But I was really looking forward to this guy. I wasn’t too happy about the size of him, along with the price increase though. I am also looking forward to Starscream and Grimlock(2 more “must-haves).

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