Transformers: Generations – Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime and Autobot Jazz


I was hoping to have all three of the Fall of Cybertron figures to look at in the same review.  Alas, Shockwave is proving to be a little hard to get a hold of.  At least I was able to get my hands on Optimus Prime and Autobot Jazz (whom I will now refer to as Jazz).Prime is what you would expect from a Transformer figure.  Red and blue.   He is a Cybertronian version of his truck, which we have seen a few times.   This time around he is a little small.  He does have really good articulation, and a slight variant of his signature rifle from the G1 cartoon.


I know, not many reviews look at the backs of figures, but I really like it when a figure is complete all the way around.   This Prime is folded up well, to not create that horrible backpack effect we get sometimes.  Gotta love the triple exhaust ports on each shoulder.

When he gets into truck mode, he looks like a truck.  Albeit a Cybertronian truck, but what do they know, right?  They don’t have trucks on Cybertron.  The gun mounts on the bottom of either foot.  It would have been better, had it been center on the vehicle, but at least it is in a usable place.

This is where I get a little bummed.   As with the back of the robot mode, I like to see a finished figure at the back of the vehicle mode as well.  There should have been some fold down piece or something that would cover the back end of the truck to give it some sense of solidity.

The inevitable comparison to the two video game versions of Optimus.  On the right is the War for Cyberton figure.  Much taller, more filled out, and a WAY bigger gun.  Points to the WFC Optimus on this one.

Now, onto Jazz:

Not always the top-most used character in the Transformers Universe, but he seems to always be there when he is needed.  This is a pretty good version of him.  Lots of extra pieces and bumps that give him that Fall of Cybertron look.  He has his tell tale white and blue color scheme, as well as his horns and sunglasses on his head.  He is a bit bulky in the torso, giving him a bit of a skinny leg look, but he does look powerful and fast.

It is apparent that they went with a size savings on Optimus, which is sad sine he is actually shorter, head to head, with Jazz.   That should never happen.

Much better, teaming Jazz with WFC Optimus.

Jazz’s vehicle mode is really nice.  He has a bit of the Porsche look, still going with the Cybertronian car theme.  He also has the triple exhaust ports on each side to match Optimus.

I really like the position of the gun mounted on the car.  It is right in the middle, but does not take a lot away from the car.  It looks like it was planned from the start, and not an afterthought of “where should we drill a hole to attach the weapon?”

In vehicle mode, the two cars look really good together.  They have a much better size relation in this mode.

Overall, two very nice figures.  Jazz is definitely a good buy.  As for Optimus, if you have WFC Optimus, this is not going to impress you as much.  Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on Shockwave, so I can have all three.  It even looks like there will be more figures this time around than when we got the five War for Cybertron figures (Optimus, Megatron, Shockwave, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper).

Up next, we take a detour from the norm.  I accidentally found something at Target today that really grabbed my interest while I was looking for Shockwave.  The only hint I am going to give is that it is 1/64 scale.  And no, it is not a Hot Wheels.  Stay Tuned, these look to be impressive little toys.


One response to “Transformers: Generations – Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime and Autobot Jazz

  • Toddimus (@Toddimus)

    I’ve had to totally pass on this Prime.. was way to small and cheaply made to fork over 14.99 for it. Fortunately that same day I found Weaponizer Optimus Prime, which is almost leader class size for 19.99 at K-mart (I had a 10 dollar discount from points) But even Weaponizer Prime suffers from the hollow legs in the back, a bulky backpack, and just looks bad from behind period. Can understand trying to cut cost on plastic… but cmon.

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