Transformers: Prime – Dead End

We have come far enough into the Prime toy line that we are seeing quite a few recolors now.   This one is a standout among the repaints that does not disappoint.  Dead End is his name, and he is a part of the Decepticons.   Not the most evil of color schemes, looking more like the Jamaican flag than anything else.  Don’t let the paint trick you, he is NOT a nice guy.

In vehicle mode, we get the same model car that we saw with Wheeljack.  The little Lancia Stratos is a fantastic body style, it worked in the 80s, and it still works today.  Just a few line changes to make the car look a little futuristic.   He comes with two blades which can be mounted on the front of the vehicle, on the side, or they can be hidden underneath.  Look at my Flickr page to the right and you will be able to see him with the blades in each configuration.

Change him over to robot mode, with some really fun and inventive folds, and we have Dead End.  His colors take on a more sinister look in robot mode.  The same colors we saw in the car, but they are somehow separated out to really standout.  He is about as perfect as you can get on proportions.

Thankfully we usually get a new head sculpt to go along with a new character.  This one is no different.   He has a wonderfully horrific face which makes him look like he wants to bite off your face.   We went from Wheeljack with large protrusions on his head and no mouth, to a round head with almost all mouth.   Great change in design there.

And here we get to the part you are thinking about.  “Is it worth getting a second figure of the same body?”  Here they are side by side.   They are the same.  All but the head and the paint.   But they are so different.  Good vs Evil.  Even if they did not have the emblems, you could tell who is on what side.   I think with the great posability of the body type, Dead End is definitely worth the money.


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