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Transformers: Prime – Airachnid

From Turtles to Spiders… wait a minute.  What do you mean she is named Aracnid, but she transforms into a helicopter.  Well, poo.  There goes that intro.   Oh well, at one point she was a giant spider.  Now she has taken the form of a helicopter, since apparently Earth does not have any giant spiders… not THAT big anyway.

Looking something like a stealth helicopter, Airachnid retains her trademark black and purple color scheme.   I could tell, while she was still packaged, she was going to be on the small size.  Getting her out only confirmed that.

With her weapons mounted, it gives her a bit more bulk, but she is still pretty thin.  I was getting worried about this time that we were going to get quite a thin figure.  But I was thinking they did SUCH a good job with the design of Soundwave, in his skinny little plane mode, that we might get that here too.

Once in robot mode, it is apparent that all of the fears are true.  She is skinny, back heavy, and has poor articulation.  Her arms are extremely robot (no pun intended).  With the blades on her back, it makes her hunchback stick out even further and makes her want to fall over backwards.   She does not have foot articulation, so she does not get any help standing there.

Once her weapons are attached, it only gets worse.  Not much else to say about that.   She is not my favorite figure.   There are too many things wrong with her to be right.  I am having a hard time trying to decide with mode to put her in for display.  I don’t particularly like either mode, and that is sad since there is usually at least one mode that is tolerable in a Transformer.   I generally don’t dislike figures, so this one has to rank pretty low.

Ah, what half an inch would have done for Airachnid.  She looks so tiny compared to her arch nemesis Arcee.

Up next, I look at another figure from this wave of three that is a repaint, but what a good repaint he is.


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