Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Vehicle 1 – Ninja Stealth Bike

Ah yes, the vehicles.  It is always fun to look at vehicles for larger scale figures.   GI Joe and the like have great vehicles, but these larger scale vehicles tend to have some heft to them.   Today I am sharing the Ninja Stealth Bike.  There are two in this size, which come with drivers.   Both have a bit of a “gimmick” to go with them.  This one has the best features, but the Foot Soldier’s bike is pretty good too.

As you can see, this version comes with Raphael.  This version is called Stealth Ninja Raph.   He looks just like his standard version of Raph, with two major differences.   One, is the helmet.  He comes with a helmet molded into place.  His visor can be raised and lowered, and it is really nice and clear.   The other feature are driving gloves.  Really, they are just the lower hands painted black, but a nice inexpensive addition that helps him stand out.  The only complaint I have is that I would like to have seen a removable helmet so any of the Turtles could ride the bike.

Raph comes with his sais, which go in holders in the back of his belt.   It is really nice that he can ride in the bike with the sais in place.

Raph slides down into the bike without a problem.  A nice touch that will allow kids to easily play with this toy.  The details are outstanding on the bike.  Starting at the front, the wheels have a turtle shell pattern.  Followed by headlights (which would be good in the sewers).   The main body of the bike is green, and actually matches Raph quite well.  I was a little worried about the front end being too flimsy with the arms reaching out so far to the front wheel.  But it is nice and solid.

As we move to the back of the bike, you can see the really nice details on the engine(s), including a pair of jets when he needs a little bit of speed.   As I get back here, I see the stickers.  Thankfully, they are already installed all over the bike.  No one will be complaining about that I am sure.

The top drops down, and the side fold in to encase Raph in a shell of protection.  I was not so sure how I was going to like the bike in this mode, but it looks really good in person.    It was a little tricky getting Raph down into the lowest position he could go in the seat to make sure the shell would be able to stay closed.

Down low, you can see Raph hiding in the shell armor.  If you press on the tab sticking out of the back part of the roof, the shell will spring apart and reveal Raph underneath.

This is a great vehicle.  Well made, well executed design, it comes with a driver, has special features, and it rolls like a champ.   I don’t think there is much that could make this bike any better.  I see some potential improvements in people doing a little detail painting.

Up next, we will look at the Foot Soldier’s idea of a bike, the Dragon Chopper.  It has quite a feature that you will NOT want to miss.

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