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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The rest of the Turtles

A few days back, I looked at Leonardo, from the new toy line featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  A day later, I had to go back and get the rest of the Turtles.   I also bought the support characters, and today I bought two of the vehicles, so stay tuned for that.  The vehicles are pretty cool.

Today though, we are going to look at the rest of the Turtles:


NERD!!!   Haha!!  I love Don.  He always came up with the best gadgets in the original show.  Not that they all worked, but he gave it a try.  He has light skin, and dark wraps.  With the purple mask, it looks good.   He comes with a bo staff, as well as extra weapons that are staff related.   Donatello have the distinct ability to put his arms down to the side.  There are indents in the side of his body to allow for his arms to drop further than all three other Turtles.  It gives him a taller, leaner stance.  Add in the smaller, round head, and you have Donatello.


The jokester, prankster, and all around pizza-lovin’ fool.  This version of Mike reminds me so much of the original toys.  He has his trademark sideways smile, and the color is so bright.  Add in the orangeish weapons, and you have quite a throwback figure.



Ah yes, Raphael.  The Turtle with a chip on his shoulder.  Any reason to get into a fight with this one.  The darkest of all in terms of skin color, as well as moods.  His mask has the ties flying in the wind in that great classic look that goes all the way back to the original comic series.  Outfitted with a pair of sais, he is able to hold one of them in the upside down fashion that he is known to do.  Give him a grimace and a crack in the top of his shell, and he looks like he is ready to brawl.

The Four!  Good to see them all together.   Some reuse of body parts, but enough differences in paint and heads and shells that you really do get to see quite a difference.   You can also see the range in heights.   Leo and Raph are close to the same.  Don is a lot taller, and Mike is shorter.  All of their weapons can be stored in the back of their belts.

Turtles ready for action.   If you are interested in seeing more pictures, including the extra weapons that each figure comes with, click on the Flickr section over on the right side of the blog.   Have fun.  Up next, the support character, Splinter, Shredder, Kraang, and a Foot Soldier to round out the first 9 characters in the new series.

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