Mater’s Tall Tales – Take Flight – Autonauts Lightning McQueen and Mater from Moon Mater

Usually we come to an end of a series and then it goes away.  Disney is not letting the Cars line die out any time soon.  As Cars 2 toys still warm the pegs at every major toy aisle in existence, every so often we are gifted with a new car or two.   In this case, we get 4 of the large scale “oversized” vehicles.   Lightning and Mater in their space clothes, as well as a couple of support aircraft for their return to Earth.

Lightning looks great.  Take a general Lightning model, add a jetpack, wheels, and a really great helmet, and you have one of the best Cars figures to date.

I will say one of the best for Lightning, because Mater IS the best figure to date.  There was so much work done with him.  Boosters all over, a hood, white paint, touches of gold paint, an external fuel tank, and of course the great clear helmet.

I was pretty sure I was done collecting the Cars line of vehicles.  But these two were too good to pass-up.   They stand out in the collection with a great unique look.

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