Transformers: Prime – Bulkhead Voyager Class

Bulkhead is a great character.  I know there was another Bulkhead in the Energon continuity, but the real Bulkhead came about in the Animated continuity.   Taking many of the cues of the great character developed in the Animated stories, the Prime Bulkhead is very similar.  Not being a farmer, but a construction worker, he is underestimated as a blue collar worker of Cybertron.

Bulkhead’s face is spot-on.   There are a few issues here in the torso.  The headlights are in the completely wrong place.  In the initial version of Bulkhead to come out, the torso was much better.   There is also a little bit of weirdness around his head where it looks like is head is just sitting up there, since it is flip-out, and sits really far forward.

The Weapon:  I have hated, and will continue to hate these flip-out weapons they are putting with all of the Voyager class figures.   It is pointless, as it sits on the arm, and is not a part of the arm.  In addition, it only stays down when the lever is being pushed.   Why do we need to have a mace with a light behind it?  BUT, the good thing is it is detachable, meaning that as an improvement over the first version, the mace does not have to sit on the back of the SUV.

And, what would Bulkhead be without his weapons?  A very strong dude.   The has the mace on one arm, and a hammer mounted on the other.  I am guessing we will see that hammer again if we get a Voyager class Breakdown.

In all of his mace-less glory, Bulkhead looks really close to his vehicle mode in the show.   The transformation has some good stuff going on with it.

And, once again that additional weapon is nothing but an appendage that is really out of scale.  It makes Bulkhead look more like a TV news van than an SUV.

Getting in a shot with the boss, and the doc, Bulkhead is really in scale in the Voyager class.   I am really glad they went for it and gave us the BIG Bulkhead.

He is really hard to find.  Once again, a happy accident, where I was just wandering around a store and found him.  I have not seen another since.  Good luck.


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