Transformers: Prime – Ratchet

For a moment I was extremely sad that Ratchet came with a red and white paint scheme.  In the show, he comes with a metallic orange color that I thought would have been AMAZING to see on the figure.   Alas, it was not meant to be.  Maybe there will need to be a repaint in here someday.

The vehicle is very nice.  It looks like the show vehicle, going for a boxy style ambulance with an off-road flair to it.

As with the other figures in the series, their weapons can be attached to the vehicle on some way.  Ratchet’s blades can be attached to the front bumper.  That would really get the cars out of the way in New York City.  The blades, I was surprised to find, were made of a rubber material.  Guess they were afraid some kid would injure them self with a sharpish plastic piece.

As with Megatron, who I reviewed last time, Ratchet stays in robot mode most of the first season of the show.   He tends to stay in the base and take care of things on that side of the team.  If you were lucky enough to see the episode where Ratchet injected himself with synthetic engergon, he left the base to kick some major a$$, while still running around in robot mode.  (PS Best episode for good one-liners).

When Ratchet is transformed into his robot mode, this is where the figure really comes alive.  All of the squared edges of the vehicle blend into a nicely rounded body from that creates a very accurate representation of the TV show Ratchet.   This is by far my favorite Ratchet figure EVER!   He stands well, he looks good, he has all the right articulation, and all of the little parts are where they are supposed to be.

Worry not my friends, the Doctor is In, and he is ready to kick some butt.  The blades can be held in his hand, or the hands can be folded in and the blades look like they take the place of the hands as they do in the show.  I think this is the first figure in the Prime line to do this very well.  All of the other figures seem to still hold their weapons.

From the inside of the arm, you can see the hand folded in to allow the blade to fit against the arm.

This is now sitting as one of my favorite Prime figures.  And that has been saying a lot.  I think overall, the line is doing things right.  Creating good figures with a few outliers.   He seems to be a little tough to find.   I happened on mine by accident at a Target a few weeks back.  As with most of the figures that are not Optimus, or Bumblebee, I had to be in the right place at the right time.  Keep your eyes out for this one.  You will not be disappointed.


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