Transformers: Prime – Megatron

Ah Megatron.  One big giant block of crazy.   Okay, maybe more insane than crazy, but Earth had better watch out.   This time around, in the Prime Universe, Megatron is looking to take over Earth.  In other incarnations, he just wants to destroy humanity.   With Cybertron apparently gone, this place is as good as any to take over.

Megatron stands tall and strong in his hulking robot form.  Larger than even Optimus, he is a force to be reckoned with.  The figure stands in a good strong pose.  He is given his standard gigantic cannon that he seems to never be without in any incarnation.   He also gets a smaller piece that can either attach to his other arm as a blade, or to the cannon as a sort of bayonet.  As if he needed another weapon as you can push the large purple button on the back and add his giant blade out of the front of the cannon as well as give it a little light.

The cannon is nice.  It sure would be nice if Hasbro created a locking mechanism to allow the weapons to stay deployed in their alternate modes.  Here, the secondary weapon has been added to the main cannon.  It covers the barrel of the cannon… not the best design there.

As it appears to be a standard thing this time around in the Robots in Disguise figures, the cannon can be mounted to Megatron’s back.

In vehicle mode, Megatron is a spaceship, I guess.  He does fly around a lot, but he did not feel the need to take on an Earth vehicle form.  I would liked to have seen a bit more ingenuity put into the vehicle mode, and give him something at least a little Earth-like.  I can see how it would be hard to give him something too common, with all of the weird body parts that he has, a hulking torso, giant legs, and the cannon.  Not to mention the Shredder-like shoulder pads.

From the back.  Much like the front.  Not a lot of detail or design.  Kind of thrown together and then, done.  I am really not crazy about his head sticking out of the top.

As for Megatron, I am more interested in him as a robot, since he stays in that form for probably 90% of the first season.  It is his giant girth, and oversized body parts that make Megatron who he is.   I think the robot mode turned out great, and he is a fantastic addition to a Transformers collection.   He came out a while ago, being paired with Optimus.  We are starting to see the second part of the first wave with Bulkhead, so Megs is getting a little harder to find.   We seem to have tons of Optimuses out there.   Keep your scanners peeled for this one.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Coming up next, we look at some of the smaller figures, including one guy who has been around from the start, but I think this might be his best figure EVER!!!


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