Soundwave, enough said!

Oh man, the strong silent one is out and about.  He was a scary guy in the original show, and now he is just as scary.  It is something about not having a face, not speaking much, and being a shadow to everyone that makes for a powerful character.  In the Prime version, Soundwave does not even speak.  He replays sounds and words from others, though not like Bumblebee did in the TF movies.

I was really wondering how they were going to pull off a toy of such a flat character.  His arms are wings, and his whole vehicle mode is nothing more than an unmanned drone.   Boy did they do a good job.   His hands are creepy and skinny.  His arms are like blades.   It all fits together so well.  Add in Laserbeak who looks like a smaller version of Soundwave, and you have a good team.

Soundwave is not a cassette player this time around, but they did manage to find a way to incorporate Laserbeak into the body so he can come out of Soundwave.  I wonder where Rumble and Ravage are hiding.

His vehicle mode, an unmanned drone, works really well.   His body folds up nice.   It is a great advantage to have his arms be the wings, so they don’t have to be folded up along the fuselage.  The added clearance is a nice touch.   They even gave him a front landing wheel, though there are none for the back part of the body.    Along side is Laserbeak.

Of course, when Laserbeak gets tired, he can always catch a ride on Soundwave’s back.

I know there are those out there who hate change.   But let’s face facts.  Soundwave would have been outdated as a cassette deck from the 80s.  He is so much better off being in a mode that allows for flight, along with most of the Decepticon team. This is a great figure, and a very well designed character for the show.

One of the best parts of season one is when Starscream thinks Megatron is dead and has taken over the Decepticons.  Soundwave finds Megatron, knowing in his core that his master is not dead.   As Starscream goes off to “save” Megatron, Soundwave sends Laserbeak to keep an eye on Starsceam to make sure he is not up to anything funny.   He allows Starscream to do whatever he wants, as long as he does not mess with Megatron’s ultimate goal.


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