Breakfast and a Movie

This morning when I got up, I had some down time, so I toasted a few waffles, got the coffee going and scanned down my list of NetFlix movies I had saved to watch.  The one that popped out this morning was Vexille, released back in 2007.

The story takes place in the future.  Japan had worked on producing robots.  When the rest of the world did not like what they were doing with android technology, Japan pulled away from everyone and went on a 10 year blackout.   The story really takes off when Vexille, the female lead has to infiltrate Japan and figure out what is going on.  What was happening under the cloak of secrecy in a hidden Japan?  The answer was surprising.

This movie is a computer graphics masterpiece.  Oxybot takes their ability to make fantastic scenery and figures and blends them into a very nice visual movie.   It looks very similar to one of my favorite anime, Appleseed Exmachina.  It is also produced by the same company that made TO, though this movie has a much better story and character development.  I highly recommend this for all of you mecha fans.  The audio is amazing, you will definitely want to crank the volume to 10 on this one.

Oh yeah, HAPPY EASTER!!!


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