Transformers delivery for Friday

I bought some stuff on this past week, and it was gracious enough to show-up today, right in time for the weekend.

I initially went onto Amazon to see if I could get a good deal on Transformers: Prime, Season 1.   I have a vast array of the toys, and I still have not seen too many of the episodes.   After fighting for a chance to see them on the internet, I was happy to find it for $20.  That was half the price.   Well, one for a deal, it was also available with free shipping if I spent a certain amount.   So, it was time to delve into the ol’ wish list I have over there on Amazon, and see if there was something that I could add to it.   And there was.   Hotrodimus from the Revoltech line.  I have had my eye on him for a long time, but never took the chance.

I know, why am I buying a Transformer who can’t?  Well, I have a few other Revoltech figures, and they are pretty great.   Good articulation, and lots of accessories.  I mean come on!  How cool is it going to be to have Hot Rod hanging out with Alphonse from Patlabor?   You will not have to ask that question for long.   Photos to come.


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