Hunger Games Event – After Show

The Hunger Games party was a lot of fun.  Lots of activities for people to play.  They had Capitol make-up studios, knot tying, shooting (with a wii), an obstacle course, and lots of other activities.   They also had two reaping ceremonies where the kids and adults faced off in events, with the winners of each game facing off in a trivia battle for the ultimate winner.  They had some food as well.  I am sure it would not surprise you HG fans to know it was mostly bread and cheese… a main staple of District 12 folks.

My costume went over well.  I had a few people tell me that I looked like I belonged at Disneyland.  My wife, who dressed up as Katniss, told me that she dressed up like Katniss, while I was actually a coal miner.   That felt good to know my hard work was appreciated.  And now for the pictures.

I added the stripe and #12 to the jumpsuit to try and sell the idea that I came from District 12, though I did not need to sell the idea that much. People really appreciated the work on the suit. The black on my face is actually charcoal, the same as I used on my helmet. It was quite hard to get off after the party.

The back of the jumpsuit. Masking off the 12 for the back was a little tricky, but it was SO worth the time and effort.

Hat to toes. We were watching a lady show us how to make a braided cord bracelet to use as survival gear.

What a fun event.   Now I am looking for my next event to make a costume to.  Halloween is too far away.


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